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Leslie - 2000
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Tropical Storm Leslie off the Eastern US Coast

A tropical wave entered the Caribbean Sea on September 27, and tracked through the sea without any significant development until it reached the Florida Peninsula and moved inland over it on October 4. It became Subtropical Depression One just before moving offshore into the Atlantic later on the 4th. The depression first moved to the west as it gradually acquired some tropical characteristics, and became Tropical Storm Leslie when about 200 miles east of St. Augustine, Florida. The storm was still weak as it turned to the east-northeast on September 5, and briefly appeared to be on a path to Bermuda before it turned sharper to the northeast on September 7. Leslie accelerated to the NNE that day and began to become associated with a cold frontal boundary and it became extratropical late on the 7th. The remnant extratropical system raced to the northeast and became a powerful ocean going storm over the North Atlantic. There were no reports of damages or casualties associated with either Subtropical Depression One or Leslie.