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Ernesto - 2000
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Tropical Storm Ernesto Near Peak Intensity

A tropical wave that moved off the coast of Africa into the Eastern Atlantic on August 28. The wave moved to the west, and acquired a low level circulation on August 29 while located a few hundred miles south of the Cape Verde Islands. On September 1, when the wave was midway between Africa and the Lesser Antilles, there was sufficient convection and evidence of a low-level circulation for it to become Tropical Depression Eight. The depression moved toward the WNW at a fairly rapid pace and strengthened to Tropical Storm Ernesto on September 2.

Ernesto did not strengthen any further due to moderate wind shear, and remained a 40 mph storm with a pressure of 1008 mbar for over 24 hours. The shear eventually caused Ernesto to lose its low-level circulation and be downgraded to a depression on September 3 when located about 250 miles northeast of the Leeward Islands. The depression dissipated six hours later, and the remnant system later merged with a front over the north Atlantic. Ernesto never affected land, and no damages or casualties were reported.