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Chris - 2000
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A Weak Tropical Storm Chris East of the Caribbean

A very large tropical wave moved off the coast of Africa on August 12, there was a very broad area of showers and thunderstorms associated with the disturbance but most of the activity was displaced to the east and southeast of the poorly defined low-pressure circulation center. The system moved westward for a few days and the shower activity gradually became more organized. The wave became Tropical Depression Six on August 17, when about 600 miles East of the Lesser Antilles. The depression moved slowly to the WNW with no further organization or development until a flare up of convection occurred which led to the depression becoming Tropical Storm Chris late on August 17. Almost immediately after the storm reached Tropcial Storm status, wind shear increased and the bulk of the convection became displaced from the center and it weakened back to a tropical depression six hours later. The wind shear increased further and less than day later, Chris was just a swirl of low clouds and the tropical cyclone dissipated.