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Beryl - 2000
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Tropical Storm Beryl Making Landfall in Mexico

A tropical wave emerged off the coast of Africa on August 3, already very organized. This wave split into two different systems; one went north and became Hurricane Alberto, and the other tracked west through the Atlantic without development until it reached the Gulf of Mexico on August 13 and became Tropical Depression Five that day(the numbering gap is due to three depressions that did not reach storm status and were not named). This depression was already in close vicinity to the Mexican coast, and it moved to the WNW as it strengthened to Tropical Storm Beryl on August 14. Beryl reached a peak intensity with winds of 50 mph and maintained this until landfall in rural Mexico about 90 miles south of the MX/TX border on August 15. After landfall, Beryl weakened quickly to a depression and dissipated shortly after due to the mountainous terrain. One death was reported due to Beryl; a man who drowned in the flood waters in Mexico due to the slow movement and heavy rains of the storm. No damages or deaths were reported in the United States due to the storm.