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Noel - 2001
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Hurricane Noel in the Northern Atlantic

A low pressure system developed on November 2, from a stalled frontal low that lost frontal characteristics. The area of low pressure became more well defined and better organized, and it became Subtropical Storm One late on November 3, while about 775 miles south of Cape Race, Newfoundland. The subtropical storm moved slowly to the north, and began to take on tropical characteristics very quickly, as it strengthned in the process. The storm became more symmetric, and began to resemble a tropical system, and hence, became strong enough to be classified as Hurricane Noel on November 5 when about 535 miles SSE of Cape Race, Newfoundland. Almost instantly after Noel reached hurricane strength, westerly shear increased and weakened the hurricane quickly back to a tropical storm on November 6. The weakening continued, and Noel began to lose tropical characteristics, due in combination to the increasing wind shear and colder waters as the storm continued north. It became completely extratropical later on November 6, and was absorbed into a larger system later that day.