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Lorenzo - 2001
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Tropical Storm Lorenzo in the Central Atlantic

On October 26, a low level circulation developed over a trought that had persisted in the eastern Atlantic Ocean. There was enough organized deep convection for the low to become Tropical Depression Fourteen on October 27, about 710 miles southwest of the Azores. The depression moved west, steered by a ridge located to its north. It failed to strengthen or organize significantly because the center was exposed to the west, with most of the convection located to the eastern side. The depression finally showed signs of organization as it made a gradual turn to the north on October 30, and some deep convection flared up near the center of circulation. This led to the depression becoming Tropical Storm Lorenzo later on the 30th. Lorenzo moved north and then northwest ahead of an approaching frontal zone, and the storm merged with this front on October 31, while located about 600 miles west of the Azores. No damages or deaths were reported to Lorenzo, having remained at sea for its entire life cycle.