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Humberto - 2001
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Hurricane Humberto in the Open Atlantic Waters

An area of low pressure that was spawned by Hurricane Gabrielle began to show signs of tropical organization on September 18. The system became Tropical Depression Ten on September 21, about 425 miles south of Bermuda. The depression moved in a northwest direction and gradually became better organized. It became Tropical Storm Humberto on September 22, about 215 miles south of Bermuda. Under favorable conditions, Humberto thrived and strengthened quite rapidly, reaching hurricane strength on September 23 as it turned to the north. The strengthening continued for a short while after this, making Humberto a 100 mph, Category 2 storm with a pressure of 983 mbar for a short time on September 24.

After reaching this first peak intensity, Humberto's strengthening came to an end as increasing wind shear began to weaken the hurricane. The shear was not enough to weaken Humberto significantly, and the winds fell to just 80 mph as the storm turned to the northeast. The storm was now in a more uniform flow with the shear, and it was allowed to strengthen once again. Humberto reached it's second peak intensity on September 26, with winds of 105 mph and a pressure of 970 mbar. Humberto's eye was now much more clear and apparent during this time.

The shear once again began to pound on the storm as it turned to the east and accelerated, weakening Humberto back to a Category 1 storm just later on September 26. The weakening continued steadily, and it was downgraded to a tropical storm on September 27, and dissipated on September 28. No damages or casualties were reported due to Humberto, having never made landfall.