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Felix - 2001
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Hurricane Felix in the Central Atlantic

A tropical wave and associated with an area of low pressure came off the coast of Africa on September 5. This combination tracked westward through September 7, and gathered sufficient strength and organization on that day to became Tropical Depression Seven. The depression was in a relatively favorable area for development, but failed to strengthen, and began to weaken almost immediately after forming. The depression degenerated into a tropical wave on September 8. The wave continued the westward movement, and the wind shear on the system increased before slackening off on September 9, allowing the system to become Tropical Depresion Seven once again on September 10.

The depression turned to the WNW and slowed slightly in pace. It was slow to strengthen as it continued to turn farther to the north, but finally became Tropical Storm Felix on the infamous September 11, 2001. Now on a path to the north, Felix was able to strengthen and organize in a highly favorable environment, reaching hurricane status on September 13. The strengthening continued, and Felix went into a stage of rapid intensification on that day, reaching Category 3 status on that day, and a peak intensity with winds of 120 mph and a pressure of 962 mbar, which is rather unusually high for a storm of that intensity.

Felix was only able to maintain major hurricane status for 6 to 12 hours, before weakening to a Category 2 storm on September 14 as it turned to the northeast, and then straight to the east. The weakening was slow but steady, but Felix managed to maintain Category 2 intensity until September 16 when it weakened to a minimal Category 1 storm. Felix turned to the northeast at this time, and became stationary as it weakened further to a tropical storm on September 17. The weakening continued as the storm remained stationary and became a Tropical Depression on September 18, and dissipated on September 19. No damages or deaths were reported due to Felix, having never made landfall.