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Bret - 2005

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Tropical Storm Bret approaches Mexico

In Late June, an area of disturbed weather formed in the Bay of Campeche just off the coast of Mexico. A Hurricane Hunter flight was dispatched, and on arrival found a closed circulation. This observation caused the system to be classified as Tropical Depression Two in the evening of June 28. Two hours later, observations from the same aircraft indicated that it had reached tropical storm strength, and it was named Tropical Storm Bret. This was the first time that two tropical storms had formed in June since the 1986 season.

The storm moved west-northwest, making landfall near Tuxpan, Veracruz, Mexico around 7am CDT on June 29 as a minimal tropical storm with winds of 40mph. It continued inland, producing heavy rain over the state of Veracruz, until dissipating over the mountains of San Luis Potosí late on June 29. Normally such a weak storm would cause little damage, but Bret was a slow mover and dumped large amounts of rain.

Hundreds of homes were damaged, and several towns, including Naranjos and Chinampa, about 60 statute miles (100 km) south of Tampico, were severely flooded. The only reported fatalities were the two occupants of a car that was swept away by floodwaters in Naranjos.